The most popular Live Activity is called Kickstart class, where the participants connect to the presentation with a QR-code or Pin-code. Here is a short intro video:

How the activity works

  • They get to ask as many questions as they can to a topic within a time limit (typically 1 minute).

  • Afterwards, all the participants will see a randomized set of two and two questions on their device and vote for which out of two they like best.

  • The top questions will be shown on the presentation screen.

To create a question activity:

  1. Click "Create live activity"

  2. Choose "Kickstart class"

  3. You will come into the presentation builder. Here you can set the topic under the "content" tab. For example enter Climate change, if this is the topic of today's class.

4. Press "exit" to save it for class, or "Present" to get started with the activity right away!

💡 Why does it work so well?

Setting a time limit for how long the participants have to ask questions take away some of the barriers to ask questions, like thinking too much about whether the questions is good enough. (It's sound counter intuitive, we know, but trust us on this one)

The voting ensures that everyone get a say in which questions are presented, democratizing the question-asking, and seeing what the others have asked is a great way for reflect around your knowledge of the subject.

💡 And what should I do with all the questions afterwards?

Great question! Here are the most popular ways to use them.

  • Split the class intro groups, and let each group answer one questions each.

  • Create another activity in Curipod, where everyone will try to answer the top questions (and vote, to see if the class is on track).

  • Advanced: Post the top questions in the Pod feature, and invite your students so they can collaborate on answering the questions there.

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