With Curipod, you can create interactive and engaging classes where everyone participate, with a focus on critical and creative thinking, reflection and discussion 🙌.

Planning and doing teaching where everyone engage is difficult and takes lots of planning. Curipod makes it easy to include interactive activities in your teaching, such as asking and answering questions, brainstorming, voting and friendly competition.

Prepare the activities before class with a few clicks, and during class the students connect with a QR-code or Pin-code to join the activity.

With Curipod you can:

  • Make it fun to ask questions

  • Do formative assessment

  • Organize brainstorming and creative sessions.

  • Combine different activities

  • Combine activities and presentation slides (coming!)

💡 What are you waiting for?

Create a free Curipod account today and experience the student engagement 🙌

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